Self Service Dog Wash

The next time you stop in with your pup we invite you to try out our brand new Self Service Dog Washing Station! Complete with full large tubs, moveable shower heads, and high power pet friendly blow dryers, we have everything you need to clean all the dirt and grime your best friend piles on their everyday activities so you can leave happy and clean without any of the mess at home!  Perfect for any size or breed, next time your canine companion needs a rinse bring them on down!
$12.00 per pet

Additional Options:
+$2.00 Medicated - Oatmeal
-flea and tick bath or conditioner/de-tangler

$5.00 Flea and Tick Dip

$10.00 De-skunk

Please note - Baths close an hour before closing. 

If you have any questions or would like more information please give us a call at 203-334-0829.
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