All-Natural Dog Food in Bridgeport, CT

In addition to feeding your dog the highest quality natural pet food, we recommend a few other tips as well. We want to make sure each and every puppy and dog is cared for just as they should be. We know sometimes pet owners aren’t sure exactly what to do, so take a look at our dog care tips and start bonding with your pet. 

Our Dog Care Tips

Healthy Lifestyle

To ensure a healthy lifestyle for your dog, be sure to stock up on grooming and hygiene products such as hair brushes, oral care items, and nail clipping supplies. We carry the best items for odor control so that your visitors will not detect any foul odors. We also carry dental chew toys that will aid with your pet’s oral hygiene regimen as well as brushes and combs in all varieties so you can cater to your dog’s specific type of coat.

Enriched Environment 

When you provide an enriched environment for your puppy or dog, you are ensuring they live a happy and healthy life. The ways to provide a great environment are simple. Start by spending quality time together by taking your furry ones out for walks, playing catch, and giving them an ample amount of toys to play with. We carry dog collars in all sizes and a variety of colors so you can accessorize your pet in style. Check out our selection of dog toys and treats so you can make your pup as happy as can be.

ID Microchip

Don’t lose track of your pets! In the event that they become lost or missing, you can easily find their whereabouts with the help of ID microchip technology. The procedure is safe, and you will breathe a sigh of relief if, heaven forbid, your pet goes missing.

Regular Vaccinations

Regular vaccinations for your dog will help fight any common conditions such as rabies, distemper, and canine hepatitis. These ailments can become serious, so treat your dog right and get him or her vaccinated today! We perform vaccinations right in our store at low cost to you. Reward him or her afterwards for being such a good pup with a tasty, all-natural dog treat or a new bone to chew on.
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