All-Natural Cat Food in Fairfield, CT

Your feline friend is an important part of your family. You wouldn’t leave your cat or kitten home alone for a long period of time just like you wouldn’t leave just anyone to feed your cat while you’re away on vacation. The first step of cat care is providing your cats with the best, all-natural cat food you can find. Browse our extensive selection of natural cat food, treats, toys, and kitty litter so your cat has a great life. 

Our Cat Care Tips

Healthy Lifestyle

How do you make sure your cats have a healthy lifestyle? They don’t require walks like dogs do, and bathing them is a completely different story. Some studies show that even though your cat is an expert at grooming, you may need to do some grooming of your own. Stop in to shop our great brands, and see the difference it will make on your cat! If your furry ones are outdoor cats, make sure you have an ample amount of toys for the days they spend inside. Even though they may hunt for food outside, your cats still require nutritious food options inside.

Enriched Environment 

We carry collars that help with behavioral problems due to the special medicines in the collar that prevent hormone or dominance-related behaviors. If you’re having trouble calming your kitty down after he or she sees something frightening, we recommend giving your cat a safe place to hide and seek refuge. Having a private space will do wonders for his or her attitude, and your patience and love will go just as far. We have cozy and fun structures that your cat can play in and find a great place to nestle into. We also carry cat beds and accessories.

Regular Vaccinations

Cats are prone to feline leukemia and other serious conditions. When you make the decision to take your cats in for regular vaccinations, you are taking a proactive approach to their health and well-being.
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